See how our students feel about yoga as a pelvic floor exercise.


Doing exercises for pelvic floor dysfunction is a big challenge, as most fitness options make people's symptoms worse.

Yoga is a great alternative to higher impact exercises, and often helps people to release tension and build strength before moving on to more intense activities.

Read on to learn about our student's successes with Yoga Below the Belt.

I was at the store yesterday and realized IT DOESN'T HURT TO WALK! I'm so thankful for Tracy and her live yoga classes. I never miss a day.

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Tracy has been my yoga instructor since December 2020. She is a very caring person, with a great sense of humor and positive attitude. Her class is a breath of fresh air for my day. Her pelvic floor expertise is woven throughout the class, keeping us aware that small changes can reap great results! Tracy’s classes are consistently fun and challenging. She offers modifications for poses to accommodate those of us who aren’t as flexible as others in a way that never feels like I’m being singled out. She has helped me become more flexible and centered.




MAGIC!I didn’t realize that I had a weak pelvic floor until I started taking Tracy’s online yoga class. Her classes help identify the difference between a strong muscle and a loose muscle. She also teaches the role of the breath and how it impacts the pelvic floor. After about one month of Tracy’s daily online classes, I noticed a complete reversal of my restroom issues (minor leaks). In addition to her great videos, I have taken several online private lessons with Tracy which have totally changed my post-menopausal life!




I’ve been living with pelvic organ prolapse for many years, and basically gave up on doing anything active. I noticed within a month of doing a daily yoga practice with Tracy that my symptoms were significantly reduced. Within about six months I was able to start playing tennis with my kids, which is something I never dreamed of being able to do! Tracy is kind and patient and offers the class a lot of modifications. She really cares about her students, and I’m very thankful to be working with her.




I don’t have pelvic floor problems, but joined some friends and signed up for classes with Yoga Below the Belt. I’m so glad I agreed to this, and have been an active fan for nearly a year! After losing access to my gym due to COVID, I needed to find a way to get back in shape. Tracy’s classes have been wonderful and my body feels great. She gives clear instructions that anyone can follow. I have never regretted signing up and will stick with her for a long time.




Tracy is a wonderful person who genuinely wants to help people who are struggling. Her business is a great idea that is definitely needed. I love what she is doing and refer my PT patients to her.

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New York

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