Yoga for the Pelvic Floor

with Yoga Below the Belt

Feel more comfortable with your pelvic floor while exercising in the privacy of your home with Online Yoga for the Pelvic Floor.

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The right exercise option is closer than you think!

Are you constantly dealing with pelvic floor symptoms that make you uncomfortable?

Are you feeling frustrated, defeated, and unable to enjoy the physical activities you love?

Do you feel like nothing is working and exercise is impossible?


Our classes help men and women living with pelvic floor concerns to exercise safely by focusing on restorative poses that are modified for your pelvic floor concerns. You will learn to relax and/or strengthen your pelvic floor depending on your body's needs.

Let's work together to find the exercises that work best for your concerns, so you can stop worrying and start working toward your fitness goals.

Are you ready to reclaim your active life?

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Yoga for the Pelvic Floor is a great idea for you if

You need to relax "down there."

You need to strengthen "down there."

You need an exercise that is ALWAYS mindful of and modified for your pelvic floor concerns.

You don't have time to travel to a yoga studio, or no one local offers this class type.

Other exercises are intimidating or have worsened your symptoms.

You need a "next step" before you tackle higher impact activities.

You want to improve your overall strength, balance, and muscle tone.

You want to improve your posture, spine, hips, and confidence.

Pelvic floor yoga meets your body where it is.

There are more exercises out there than you can count, yet so few are appropriate for those struggling with pelvic floor dysfunction. This video explains a little more about yoga for the pelvic floor, and gives you an example of how subtle changes in traditional postures can make a huge difference in how you exercise.

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Pelvic floor yoga is different than anything else you've tried.

  • It teaches you how to modify postures for your body's needs.

  • You will follow the subtle cues to help relax and strengthen.

  • Adjusting your hips for your pelvic health will become second nature.

  • You can apply what you learn in class to your daily life. Think about doing dishes, picking up kids, playing sports and more.

  • Yoga exercises after pelvic floor physical therapy also bridge the gap between PT and your favorite, higher impact fitness routines.

  • With practice, you will naturally apply what you are learning to your real life.

No fancy studio required, just come as you are!

I want to help you feel more comfortable.

I’ve been in your shoes. After giving birth I was diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse. All exercise was uncomfortable, sometimes painful, and my bladder felt weak and heavy. I thought I’d never feel normal again. I quit running, avoided sex, and pressed pause on my active life.

All the doctors who told me kegels and surgery were the only answers were wrong in my situation. I've dedicated many years to studying the influence of yoga on the pelvic floor, and am a firm believer in it. With consistent practice I can now cough, jump and do the dishes without any problems. I have a sex life again, can play sports, and feel normal.

Now, I want to share what I've learned with you! Let's explore this world of yoga together so we can find the best exercise options for your pelvic health.

Exercise is possible! I'm here to help and support you.

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