Don't give up on yourself.
Don't give up on yourself.

Don't give up on yourself.

Your pelvic floor shouldn't stop your active life. There is an exercise option that you can enjoy from the comfort of home that is 100% focused on your pelvic health.

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You’re frustrated, exercising makes things worse, and you feel stuck.

Are you constantly dealing with symptoms that make you uncomfortable? Maybe some of this list sounds familiar:

You pee when you laugh, sneeze or cough.

There is uncomfortable pressure between the legs.

Giving birth left you feeling different.

You’re living with pain “down there.”

The toilet is your most visited chair.

Sex is uncomfortable.

You’ve tried to get more fit but can’t enjoy the activities you love.

You feel overwhelmed, emotional, and tempted to give up.

Have the exercises you've tried made your symptoms worse? Maybe you haven't found a way to be successful with your fitness plans because your issues below the belt are getting in the way.

Unfortunately, giving up on your physical fitness may result in long-term consequences. You may gain weight, experience diabetes and high blood pressure, or suffer from mobility issues. Your continued inability to exercise may also lead to depression and feelings of hopelessness.

Thankfully, there are techniques that can make exercise possible.

You're not alone.

These symptoms are common. According to the National Institute of Health, 24% of women experience pelvic floor dysfunction, and it affects all genders.

Sadly, people think that this is normal and live with it, limiting their lives. I want to change that thinking and give you an alternative to giving up. Let’s take this journey together and exercise in a way that helps instead of hurts.


What we are all about: yoga for pelvic floor

Finding the right exercise when you are living with pelvic floor concerns is a very emotional journey, and even those who have completed physical therapy often find there is no "next step" to help them.

This site is dedicated to offering yoga exercises that are focused entirely on the health of your pelvic floor. Every video, tutorial, and class is designed to meet your body where it is, with tips and modifications to fit your needs. Every class gives cues to both stretch and strengthen your pelvic floor while working the entire body. With time and consistency, you can apply what you learn to real life and advance to more difficult exercises.

Do you want to reclaim your active life? Yoga for the pelvic floor is a great first step!


I'm Tracy, and I was diagnosed with prolapse shortly after giving birth. The pressure, constant bathroom breaks, and inability to do the high impact activities I loved took a huge emotional toll.

I suffered for nearly a decade until I started applying physical therapy techniques to yoga. After a month of consistent practice, I felt less pressure and was more comfortable. Within two months, I could laugh without worrying. After a year, I was strong enough to start jogging, weight lifting and doing jumping jacks. I reclaimed my active life and have never been happier!

As certified yoga instructor, I'm now on a mission to help prevent people like you from feeling defeated and overwhelmed like I did. I'm not your doctor, and this program is not a treatment plan. However, if you're looking for an exercise option that is 100% focused on your pelvic health, then you are in the right place!

Are you ready to reclaim your active life?

Imagine the possibilities!

It is amazing what can happen to your body when you consistently practice yoga that is focused on your pelvic health, and you can easily apply the breathing and pelvis-positioning techniques to real life. You won't see results overnight, but a regular practice will help tone your muscles, increase your flexibility, and stretch & strengthen your pelvic floor.

What does some of the science say about yoga?

Improves continence in women

(Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, 2022)

Improves recovery of postpartum women

(Journal of Healthcare Engineering, 2022)

Improves the quality of life in women with chronic pelvic pain

(Journal of Women's Health Physical Therapy, 2019)

Improves female sexual function

(Journal of Sexual Medicine, 2010)

Strategy for long-term weight loss (PLoS ONE, 2022)

Yoga for the pelvic floor from the comfort of home.

Yoga Below the Belt is an online exercise platform, so you never need to worry about overcrowding, being touched, or having to mingle if you don't want to. (Lots of people feel uncomfortable mentioning their problems "down there.")

We offer classes through video subscription that can be taken at any time, and our poses are cued for both stretching AND strengthening. If you're interested in more personalized attention or just need to see friendly faces to stay motivated, we also offer group classes four mornings a week. If you're interested, we would be thrilled to have you join us!

What our customers are saying

M.M. (California)

"I’ve been living with pelvic organ prolapse for many years, and basically gave up on doing anything active.... Within about six months I was able to start playing tennis with my kids..."

J.C. (Oregon)

"...Tracy's class is a breath of fresh air for my day. Her pelvic floor expertise is woven throughout the class, keeping us aware that small changes can reap great results!"

E.M.P. (Oregon)

"MAGIC! I didn’t realize that I had a weak pelvic floor until I started taking Tracy’s online yoga class ... I have taken several online private lessons with Tracy which have totally changed my post-menopausal life!"

E.V. (New York)

"Tracy is a wonderful person who genuinely wants to help people who are struggling. Her business is a great idea that is definitely needed."

A.M. (Washington)

"After losing access to my gym due to COVID, I needed to find a way to get back in shape. Tracy’s classes have been wonderful and my body feels great."

Exercise anywhere, anytime!

You are a busy person, and studio classes don't always fit into your schedule. The gym setting can be uncomfortable, and the classes are not designed for people with pelvic floor concerns.

With Yoga Below the Belt, you can exercise at any time in the comfort of home knowing every pose is selected and modified for your needs. When you are up for a friendly group class that is welcoming of everyone, I hope you will join us on Zoom before work. We would love to see you!

Unlimited Classes

Live Group Class (Zoom)

Join us before work or on the weekend. The teacher stays online 15 minutes after class to answer questions and help with poses.

Frequently Asking Questions

Why is Yoga Below the Belt different than other yoga classes?

Pelvic floor yoga is not something you typically see in a yoga studio, and has a big focus on breathing so that you fully move the pelvic floor. It's usually only offered as expensive workshops or private sessions.

Yoga Below the Belt is hoping to make this style of yoga more accessible. EVERY posture is chosen to help your pelvic floor situation. Every pose has optional modifications so you can adjust to your body's needs. Nothing is extreme, and you won't do crazy head stands or insta-perfect poses.

The classes here are restorative and use Hatha and Pilates methods. Every pose has an option to stretch the pelvic floor, so even if you take a "strengthening" class, you should be fine with it.

We want to help you feel comfortable exercising, and have done our best to design methods that will help you achieve that goal.

What is included in a video subscription plan?

You gain unlimited access to the entire video library, which has over 100 classes and is growing.

Do I need yoga experience?

Our classes are beginner-friendly, and we don't do headstands. The transition is just too much for many people's pelvic floors, including your instructor's!

On the video platform, the more difficult classes will mention in the title that they are "intense." This means the poses are deliberately challenging and will get your heart rate up, but they are still cued for beginners.

Will you tell me about your live classes?

We offer four morning sessions each week over Zoom, so you can exercise before work or on the weekend. Classes are held regularly at 7am Wed/Fri and 8am Sat/Sun. Each session includes 45-50 minutes of exercise, and the instructor stays online to answer questions for an additional 15 minutes so you can ask questions and talk about any needed adjustments.

The instructor cues every pose for both stretching and strengthening the pelvic floor, so you can focus on what matters most for your body. If you let her know of anything you want to focus on in advance, she's also great at incorporating poses and hints during class to help you out.

This is a great option for people who are new and need some extra help, or who are struggling to be consistent with the video option.

Can I use my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes! You can watch our videos on any device that has internet access.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes. This is not a lifetime commitment, just be sure to cancel before your subscription renews to avoid paying for an extra session.