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Yogi Squat Pose and Benefits for Pelvic Health

The yogi squat pose is great for stretching the pelvic floor, but you need to be careful in how you do it. If you round the low spine you can actually create pressure in the pelvic floor, which means you will not be getting any of the yogi squat benefits you are looking for in this pose.

If you have sore knees, you might want to skip this one. If your doc says it's an okay position for you, then give it a try!

Yogi Squat Benefits

  • Opens the hips

  • Stretches the pelvic floor

  • Stretches groin, booty, and ankles

  • Helps with digestion

  • Relieves low back pain

  • Reduces stress

Yogi Squat Pose Technique in Pelvic Floor Yoga

You definitely need a yoga block or large, rolled towel for this pose when doing the yogi squat pose when considering the health of the pelvic floor. When squatting down, it's crucial that the back and pelvis stay in a neutral position to prevent unwanted pressure on your pelvic organs. Read the tips below, and watch the video if anything is unclear.

The yogi squat pose can give amazing benefits for the pelvic floor. In this technique, it's crucial to sit on a block so that you can pull the tailbone back, maintaining a neutral pelvis and natural spine.
Yogi Squat Pose Technique to See Benefits for the Pelvic Floor
  • Sit on a yoga block in the front of your sitz bones

  • DO NOT round the low spine. Instead, pull your tailbone back (booty comes up) to keep a natural curve in the lumbar spine

  • Bring your chest up and lean forward slightly so that you do not arch the back. Your spine should be in a neutral position with a natural curve (no hunching over). In class I often say to keep a straight back, but the students know "straight" means "neutral" in this case!

  • Place the feet just beyond hip distance and pull them away from the block with the toes pointing out about 45 degrees. You should not feel uncomfortable pressure on the knees here. If you do, spread the feet out and away from the block.

  • Bring the palms together in front of the chest and press the elbows into the inner thighs. Use the arms to press the legs outward if you want to deepen the stretch of the inner legs and groin.

  • Tuck the chin slightly to maintain a completely straight spine, and enjoy the yogi squat benefits while you breathe into the pelvic floor.

Pelvic floor yoga is newer meant to look Insta-perfect, and this includes doing a yogi squat pose! Remember that you DO NOT have to put your heals on the floor here, but that is an option if you need to deepen the stretch. The key is to pull the tailbone back and maintain the straight spine, which safely stretches the pelvic floor and gives the belly more space for your deep breath work.

The yogi squat benefits are pretty fantastic, but don't worry if those posture doesn't work for you. There are a lot more poses and many more tips to help you stretch the same muscles.

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