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Inflexible Yoga - That's my Specialty

Cartoon with insanely long arms moved into pretzel shapes that are the opposite of my inflexible yoga body.

THE YOGI THAT I AM NOT (I prefer inflexible yoga)

A person who strives to show off my perfect pretzely yoga moves. In fact, I'm not a very flexible person.

A yogi who can touch her toes with straight legs, even after a lifetime of practice.

I'm not someone who will ever remember the Sanskrit names of the poses that I teach.

A yogi who will scrape her tongue every morning and swish my mouth with oil (sorry, not my thing). I also don't use a Neti pot because it hurts my nose.

The perfect teacher who always makes time for a daily yoga practice when I know work and family and volunteer activities take most of my attention.

Someone who likes being the center of attention.


The master of inflexible yoga who loves to teach it to others!

A yogi who focuses on helping people living with pelvic floor issues.

Lifelong learner, constantly trying to improve and share my knowledge with others.

Teacher of yoga, and frequently pilates and other moves that benefit the pelvic floor.

I'm a teacher who understands that every body is different and unique and that yoga postures should be modified for each individual.

Person living with pelvic organ prolapse who has found an exercise option that works for me.

Yoga teacher who want to help others who are struggling to be more active.

This is my inflexible yoga. I can't touch my toes with a straight spine, but this option works great to stretch the hamstrings and pelvic floor!

Woman demonstrating toe touch that is safe for the pelvic floor. This looks like an inflexible yoga move, but there are still great pelvic floor benefits when this is done correctly.

I AM MORE OF A HALF-WAY YOGI with my flexibility level. How about you?

Since high school, I feel like I've always turned to yoga to feel better. It has been my home base when recovering from injuries. It also helps me clear my mind when I'm stressed and worried. I've learned how to use yoga to manage the symptoms of my pelvic floor dysfunction. It's only in the past few years that I've learned how to teach yoga. I wish I had learned sooner, because it's awesome!

I wish I'd learned sooner that you can do yoga without looking like a yoga model! Inflexible yoga poses have been my saving grace with prolapse. You don't have to be flexible to do yoga or be in a yoga studio to practice yoga. All you need is a positive attitude and a few lessons on how to modify for your body. If you can only reach halfway down to your toes you can still benefit from yoga.

I hope you feel great when exercising and aren't afraid to ask lots of questions. We can learn things about our bodies every day, and I hope you enjoy the journey.

If you're interested in classes that believe inflexible yoga can give you great health benefits, you should check out

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